Practical Life Exercises
To enable the child to practice skills necessary for daily life and to help in developing muscular coordination and hand dexterity.  

Sensorial Materials
To sharpen the child’s perception through the senses and to develop the mind.

Mathematical Activities
To help the child to learn and understand basic mathematical concepts and to prepare the child for abstract reasoning and problem solving capabilities.

Art, Music, and Movements
To help the child with the artistry of the Masters and classical music. Sounds and group singing are also incorporated for generating an interest and growth in these fields. Individual viola and piano lessons have been offered as numbers and interest dictate.

(Geography, Botany, Zoology)
Programs provide for opportunities and appreciation of wildlife, as well as recognition of local fauna and bird life. Parakeets and fish are available for observation and study. The child is introduced to the earth, planets, and our place in the cosmos.

The Montessori School on 11th Street is a recognized and registered WildLife Habitat authorized by the National Wildlife Federation. Children, under supervision, are encouraged to observe any visiting wildlife.